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Vertical Machining Center

Our VMC machining facility are equipt with different type machines which are high dynamic high speed bridge type high precision machines as well as C frame machine which are highly versatile for general appliction.this machine are equipt with job measurement and tool measurement probs.our machines are also equipt with quick change pallate system for quick changeover for faster turnaround time.

EDM Process

Sinker EDM is an ideal process for non-conventional machining, tough or hardened tool steel, exotic metals, blind cavities, slots, which are located in areas of which are un-accessible with the conventional machine while achieving a higher finish. Hardened steel and exotic alloys pose little or no additional challenge over softer work pieces. We have machines for job of 10mm to 800mm . Our machines are equip with additional “c”axis and we achieve accuracy of 5 micron on this machine. our experience in sinking EDM is of 25 years.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM is an ideal process for prototyping and production because it requires no wait for expensive .this process is ideally used for jobs with exotic material such as harden steel ,stainless steel, titanium, invar, inconal and many more without any stress which accurse in conventional machining.