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At Surelia Wire Cut, our test and inspection facility assures the highest standard of quality control. We have established a carefully designed and appropriate quality system to ensure all components are guaranteed to match customer specifications. Based on critical requirements , our systems confirm product quality at each stage of manufacture, providing complete trace-ability, batch control and inspection records. All employees are fully trained and qualified to operate these systems. We recognize that the maintenance of quality standards in all activities is the key to our success and reputation. The company is therefore committed to a policy of providing products and services which completely satisfy customer requirements.
Surelie Wire Cut has been certified with ISO 9001 : 2008 in order to meet the objectives of a quality management system. It is the aim of the company to seek continuous improvement of the business in the most cost effective manner and all employees are made aware of this policy and commitment to its implementation. The overall improvements are monitored as part of the regular management review of system.
  • Micro Processor Based Height Gauge

    Surelia Wire-Cut Private Limited

  • Pin Gauge & Slip Gauge

    Surelia Wire-Cut Private Limited

Quality does not have to be Demanded by our Customer. It is an Integral Part of Our Process.

Goal definition

The Primary Goal is PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. This requires dedicated efforts at accuracy of Jobs that is primary requirement of a Tool Room, especially working in Aero Space Industry, be it on production line or specialized
complex jobs.


The path of excellence is traversed through analysis of the Plan of Action and removal of various bugs. Failures are inevitable, especially in this kind of work but analyzing the cause of failure with due diligence and removing the faults are given Top priority.


This is really the last step, after Goal Setting and Analysis, but MOST IMPORTANT. With primary Goal in mind, the typical attitude of "CHALTA HAI" (which is the bane of many an Indian Industries) is thoroughly discouraged among all personnel from Top to Bottom rung.

  • ISO 9001-2008 Certificate

    Surelia Wire-Cut Private Limited.