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Our vmc machining facility are equipt with different type machines which are high dynamic high speed bridge type high precision machines as well as C frame machine which are highly versatile for general appliction.this machine are equipt with job measurement and tool measurement probs.

Sinker EDM is an ideal process for non-conventional machining, tough or hardened tool steel, exotic metals, blind cavities, slots, which are located in areas of which are un-accessible with the conventional machine while achieving a higher finish. Hardened steel and exotic alloys pose little or no additional challenge over softer work pieces.

Wire EDM is an ideal process for prototyping and production because it requires no wait for expensive .this process is ideally used for jobs with exotic material such as harden steel ,stainless steel, titanium, invar, inconal and many more without any stress which accurse in conventional machining.

Vision :

Become a reliable engineering partner and the most preferred destination for machining solutions by providing exceptional quality through the use of latest technology.


We are powered by different kind of machines like CNC Machining Centre, CNC Turning Centre, CNC Wire EDM, Sinking EDM, Small Hole EDM, Conventional Machine. For more information visit Facility.

With a beginning in 1990, Mr. Bakul Surelia forayed into the tool room industry with a single Spark Erosion machine and a humble dream to become a tool room solutions provider. Today, Surelia Wire is a family run company with a state-of-the-art tool room – one of the most advanced in Gujarat, India. It has become a trusted partner and vendor to several engineering giants under the leadership of Chairman and MD Mr. Ashok Surelia.

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The company provides solutions to precision machining related technical assistance, high-quality tooling and custom designing of critical components. It caters to a wide section of players in the engineering, aerospace components, custom design tooling for various MNCs and also the aerospace industry.

  • Aerospace Components
  • Automobile Components
  • Defense Components
  • General Engineering Components

We believe that:

“There is certain attractiveness in difficulty. It helps us realize our potential.”

We value complexity and understand that great innovations do not come easy. We strive to nurture excellence and ensure exceptional quality at all levels. The company operates on the norms of strict quality adherence, precision & timely delivery of components. With unmatched quality and service, the company has earned of repute of the most sought after technical solutions provider.

We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly.We are highly flexible in what we do, and this allows us to work for businesses of every shape and size. Our clients range from small and medium size enterprises to some of the biggest and most prominent employers operating today, including major government departments and global private sector brands.

Goal definition

The Primary Goal is PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. This requires dedicated efforts at accuracy of Jobs that is primary requirement of a Tool Room, especially working in Aero Space Industry, be it on production line or specialized
complex jobs.


The path of excellence is traversed through analysis of the Plan of Action and removal of various bugs. Failures are inevitable, especially in this kind of work but analyzing the cause of failure with due diligence and removing the faults are given Top priority.


This is really the last step, after Goal Setting and Analysis, but MOST IMPORTANT. With primary Goal in mind, the typical attitude of "CHALTA HAI" (which is the bane of many an Indian Industries) is thoroughly discouraged among all personnel from Top to Bottom rung.